About the Society

Jutland Archaeological Society was founded in 1951. Its aim is to promote archaeological research and to make archaeology accessible to anyone interested. For example, by publishing the annual journal ‘Kuml’ and a range of other academic books, and by arranging lectures, tours and excursions.


Oceans of Archaeology

Anders Fischer & Lisbeth Pedersen (eds.)

Vast coastal plains that vanished below the waves thousands of years ago were highways to new territories and a cornucopia of natural riches for early humankind. Oceans of Archaeology presents these virtually unexplored parts of the archaeological world map.
Specialists from 10 countries join forces to tell of flooded settlements, enigmatic sacred places, amazing art and skillful navigation. Multifarious traces of food preparation, flint-working, hunting and fishing vividly illustrate Stone Age daily life.

239 pages. Richly illustrated. Hardback.
Price: 348.00 DKK.