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Jutland Archaeological Society was founded in 1951. Its aim is to promote archaeological research and to make archaeology accessible to anyone interested. For example, by publishing the annual journal ‘Kuml’ and a range of other academic books, and by arranging lectures, tours and excursions.


The Sösdala Horsemen

Charlotte Fabech & Ulf Näsman (eds.)

The renowned Sösdala finds from Scania consist of fittings from an exquisitely decorated bridle for a horse. The closest parallels have been found in Austria, Poland, Romania and the Ukraine. The quality is exceptional and on a par with the best Late Roman metalwork. Against the background of new research and new analyses, a group of European researchers put the Sösdala finds into a European context.

452 pages. Richly illustrated. Hardback. 2017. Retail price: 348.00 DKK.